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Sunny Miami brings out the best in me. The inner feelings always contribute to the outer looks and this one right here is bold and casual at the same time.

New year, more life, more love, more everything. I am super excited for this new decade and I hope you are too. We are so capable of doing a lot of great things in this new chapter, so now is the time to seize the moment.

Focus your creative energy on something that really excites you this year and see how far you get. Everything inside of you shines so bright and nothing anybody does can stop you. So much power, so much energy and so much light. You can brighten any room you walk in without even saying a word. Long time no see my darlings! Happy February, I hope this month brings you all so much joy, peace, love and understanding in every realm possible in your lives.

As we start this new month, return to the basics, make life simple for yourself and invite ease and tranquility into your life pronto! Once you begin to shift your energy, everything else around you will shift as well. Holiday time means a lottttt of good eats!

Yummy recipes to try, a lot of sweets, so many savory meals and a lot of the time we just cannot say no to any of the options. We have to keep in mind that food is medicine and what we allow into our bodies has a great effect on our physical and mental health.

How do you relax and feed your brain at the same time? Whether you prefer e-books, audiobooks or the physical books, this is a great way to chill, reconnect with yourself and feed your brain.

Here are 5 books that I think would be great for that me-time you need! More on Natacha Steven. Facebook Twitter. Living and Loving Sunny Miami brings out the best in me.Stayed away from here for awhile why I healed, while we ALL healed.

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And after trying to come back I have a new perspective and greater love for myself and family than to be so vulnerable on here. Recapping the last 10 years. On New Years I got all sorts of sentimental thinking and looking back on the last 10 years of my life.

The decisions I made the last 10 years will affect the rest of my life. I fell in love, grew a family, started a career, traveled the world as much as I could with family in tow. I lived, laughed, cried, you name it. And you all have been here with me through it.

So thank you for your love and support! May we all have the best upcoming year. I, still a student at BYU. Dallin, a grown up, wants to buy a home in Highland, I want Orem close to school so we buy a lot in highland and home in Orem.

Attended 1st New York Fashion Week. Blog is taking me more places: loved our house we got to stay in North Carolina. Mode agency goes under taking along with it 6 months of my blog earnings.

I almost quit blogging and decided to go more independent vs signing back on exclusively with an agency. We are so ready for whatever you have instore for us, lets do this !!!! Best of : expanding our family by 6! London and I braved church on Christmas Sunday to hear the children sing beautiful Prince of Peace song for the congregation.

I almost quit blogging and decided to go more independent vs signing back on exclusively with an agency Go on first trip with just Dallin and I since we had Hudson to Nashville. Turn on your JavaScript to view content.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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Nov 13, Sep 25, Oct 15, Oct 17, Jan 7, Nov 20, Jun 27, Mar 17, Dec 26, Good question. Music theory is one of the most common roadblocks for self-taught musicians and producers. But the truth is, all you need to expand your tonal palette is a little practical understanding of music modes. If you need to break out of a creative rut, modes are the easiest alternative to your same old major scale. Musical modes are a type of scale with distinct melodic characteristics.

Before we figured out the math for dividing the octave into 12 equal tones, we had to make do with an imperfect system.

Modes were the solution. Instead of one all-purpose scale that could be transposed into different keys, there were 7 modes that each had their own structure. Today, modal music refers to pieces of music where modes are used structurally and harmonically in place of traditional functional harmony. Each mode has its own unique colour and mood. Their melodic signatures can bring a lot of drama and freshness to your sound. The sound of the modes come from their unique constructions.

So what are they and how can you remember them? The modes have an order. If you need a quick refresher on key signatures, use our circle of fifths guide as a quick reminder. As you can see C major has no sharps or flats, just the white keys on the keyboard. For Dorian, write the C major scale but instead of stopping at the octave Cwrite the next scale degree as if you were continuing up the octave D.

If we erase the C we started with, we now have an 8 note scale from D1-D2. This is the 2nd mode: D Dorian.

The 6th degree is natural, but the 7th degree is flatted. This is what makes the Dorian mode distinct from other minor scales and gives it that special quality. Listen for the sound of the natural 6th in the opening guitar figures and vocal melody:.

Now write the next note in the scale. This is the third mode: E Phrygian. The characteristic minor 2nd interval has a recognizable sound. We like this mode so much we did an entire piece on Lydian. Mixolydian is the 5th mode. In this case, listen for the quality of the V chord. Locrian is the 7th mode.There are many of us—errr, people —who build stuff with Legos at all ages.

Having grown up with loads of hand-me-down Legos and having a Lego Wall-E sitting on my desk right nowI started to wonder how Legos evolved from the sets I remember from my childhood to what they are today. As an analyst, I turned to data for answers. I found a dataset on Rebrickable a site that shows you which Lego sets you can build from the sets and pieces you already ownwhich contained information on the color, number, and type of pieces in each Lego set for the past 67 years.

I used Plotly and Mode Python Notebooks to explore the data. Like a baseplatescatterplots make a good foundation for building analysis. I took a look at Lego sets through the years broken down by the most basic of Lego metrics—how many pieces are in the set.

Mode Analytics. To see the complete Python notebook generating this plot, click here. While the number of sets released each year have generally increased, there's a conspicuous dip from Those years represent a difficult period for The Lego Groupwhen the company teetered on the brink of bankruptcy before picking up the pieces.

There's an interesting disparity between the annual mean and median pieces per set. While the mean pieces per set continues to grow, the median pieces per set remains fairly consistent over time around pieces. This indicates that while there are roughly an equal ratio of sets above and below 75 plus or minus 25 pieces each year, something is happening with the volume of pieces to drive up the mean.

The box plot shows that the number of pieces per set has become more widely distributed over time. The first quartile 25th percentile doesn't change much decade to decade, but the third quartile 75th percentile has grown steadily. This signals that the increasing mean is driven by sets that were already above the median—or put simply, big sets have gotten bigger while small sets have stayed about the same size.

The 95th percentile of sets more than doubled in pieces from the s to today. This trend is particularly evident at the top. UntilLego's biggest set was still under pieces the piece U. Today's biggest set the piece Taj Majal is six times bigger.

mode blog

Legos have gotten darker, with white giving way to black and gray. Perhaps not surprisingly, Lego's color palette has expanded over the decades. The remainder of pieces outside the top ten consists of a growing long tail of many minor colors. I decided to switch up the visualization tool for this chart—it was made with Apple Numbers.

Color palettes help define set themes. The Lego universe can be thought of as a network in which sets that share many of the same pieces have strong connections, whereas sets that only share a few pieces have weak connections. I defined the connection score for two sets as the number of shared pieces over the total number of pieces between the two sets.We have been best friends since 5th grade. We share a love of traveling and fashion so we started this blog together 3 years ago!

More About Us. You can now not only shop new colors of your own items, but also items recommended for you based on your previous purchase! I went through my app and picked all of my favorite items from my "StitchFix Closet" that I have and Ashley: AM. I grab my lunch and throw on my backpack as I run out the front door. I put my items in the back seat of my car and hop in the front. Do I have my phone?! Got it. I yawn as I pull out onto the road. I was up late getting tests checked so I could A few weeks ago, all of our lives were brought to a screeching halt in one way or another.

Whether you had to stop working, continue working on location under different conditions, or work from home, we all had to adjust to a new normal. My classroom was moved into a small office space in my little home. I had to make some changes because up to this point, my office was used for entering grades on occasion, blogging, and filing our bills and other documents.

Music Modes: How to Enrich Your Songs with Modal Color

It was not set up to be a virtual Recent Blog Posts. Join the Mailing List!

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mode blog

From what's needed to options, this is what we've learned. Join us for a sweet and simple spring sew-along! What could be more lovely than flowers? We will share a new Moda Bake Shop flower or flower inspired block each Monday.

mode blog

We are revisiting some of our "always" wanted to make projects and blocks on the Moda Bake Shop. Join us to make 1 or 2 blocks for a sampler quilt or choose a favorite and make the entire quilt!

The Moda All-Stars like cake. Red Velvet. And they love Layer Cakes! So when they What else is there to know? It's that simple - for straight seams, points that match and well-made blocks, you need to see what you're sewing.

Smart, funny, supremely creative and artistically inspiring.

What is Windows 10 S Mode and How Do You Turn It Off?

Janet Clare is all that. And more.

mode blog

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Cake MixBooks and PatternsNotions. Inspiration is everywhere -the only limitation we have is when we don't let ourselves imagine, to see possibilities. Moda Bake Shop. Free Patterns. Cake Mix. Fabric Downloads. Search this site. Trending Sew-along. Trending Notions. Bake this. Books and Patterns Charm Pack.

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